VaPro Plus Pocket Intermittent Catheter 16″
  • , VaPro Plus Pocket Intermittent Catheter 16″
  • , VaPro Plus Pocket Intermittent Catheter 16″
  • , VaPro Plus Pocket Intermittent Catheter 16″
  • , VaPro Plus Pocket Intermittent Catheter 16″

VaPro Plus Pocket Intermittent Catheter 16″


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Manufacturer: Hollister
Brand: VaPro
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, VaPro Plus Pocket Intermittent Catheter 16″

The VaPro Plus Pocket is a hydrophilic, touch-free and discreet intermittent catheter. Equipped with an integrated collection bag, protective tip and sleeve, the system offers straightforward usage and insertion, lessens infections and is designed for convenient everyday use.

Available with and without a collection bag so the user can choose what best fits their needs.

How it Works

The VaPro Plus Pocket intermittent catheter consists of the following parts:

A protective tip helps protect the sterile catheter from bacteria as you insert it. Covering the first 15mm of the distal urethra, this mechanism prevents lessens infection risks by preventing bacteria from entering the urinary tract. A ring cap protects the tip until you’re ready to use the catheter.

A fully integrated 1000ml collection bag means you do not need to seek out a toilet or receptable to empty. With an anti-reflux valve, its design guards against backflows, and an attached handle allows for clean, convenient emptying.

A protective sleeve ensures you can touch the catheter anywhere along its length while guarding against germs and reducing infection risks.

A ready-to-use hydrophilic catheter utilizes pure catheter hydration technology for even lubrication and insertion.

A large finger hole utilizes tear strips for easy opening, while smooth eyelets help with inserting and removing the catheter.

Compact design can be carried in a pocket or backpack.

Phthalate-free PVC construction avoids natural rubber latex.

To Use

After you’ve gathered all the supplies and washed your hands:

  1. Position yourself to begin intermittent catheterization.
  2. Open the packaging by pulling downward on a finger hole. Then, take the catheter out of the package.
  3. Ensuring the collection bag faces upward, support the catheter with one hand, and push the bag away from the catheter with the other.
  4. Unfold the collection bag. Keep the catheter in your lap or on another flat surface.
  5. Support your genitals with the non-dominant hand throughout insertion. You will also need to cleanse the glans before insertion.
  6. After, remove the cap from the catheter’s tip.
  7. Then, holding the catheter in your dominant hand, move it forward until the catheter fits in the protective tip without protruding.
  8. As you complete insertion, firmly hold the catheter below the protective tip plate.

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Hydrophilic, PVC

Tip Type





8FR, 10FR, 12FR, 14FR, 16FR



System Type

Closed System

Bag Volume





Latex Free


Each, Box of 30

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