Safe and Secure Shopping – Shop with Confidence

MEDICAL MONKS™ takes pride in offering a safe and secure online shopping experience.

We understand the safety of your personal information is extremely important to you. Therefore, we use a wide array of electronic and physical security measures and devices to protect your personal data and credit card information from unauthorized access.

We use the First Data® Clover Gateway® as our credit card and PayPal® processor.  They provide MEDICAL MONKS with the latest state-of-the-art security that helps protect and keep your payment information safe.

The Clover Gateway uses First Data’s TransArmor® product which uses tokenization technology to remove the need for Medical Monks to store customer card information by replacing it with a randomly assigned number, called a ‘token’. This minimizes risk by reducing the scope of PCI compliance, shifts the burden of protecting cardholder data from MEDICAL MONKS to First Data, and allows the ‘token’ to be used for other business and sales functions such as returns.

Additionally, the MEDICAL MONKS website carries an SSL certificate from Starfield Technologies®.  Founded in 2003, Starfield Technologies is an innovator in the field of internet security and ecommerce services.  The MEDICAL MONKS SSL certificate is confirmed by seeing the green bar and “padlock” icon and https:// prefix for our site in your browser bar.  There are two main benefits to an SSL certificate:  First, it acts like an online ID card, proving that our site has been checked out and verified by a certificate authority.  Second, it creates a secure, encrypted connection (a Secure Sockets Layer) between the MEDICAL MONKS website and our visitors’ browsers, ensuring that any information sent can’t be seen or read by anyone else.  As a customer you should feel comfortable doing business with MEDICAL MONKS, because your personal information is safe.  To see the details for our SSL certificate click on the Verified and Securied icon below.

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