STATLOCK Stabilization Devices are an upgrade to traditional tape attachments for medical tubing with the goal of improving efficiency, clinical care and patient outcomes.

How It Works

The STATLOCK Foley Stabilization Device addresses issues specific to this type of catheter and fits both latex 8-22 Fr. and silicone 8-26 Fr. tubing.

Easily stays in place: In both adult and pediatric sizes, the STATLOCK Foley Stabilization Device remains in place without the use of a leg strap, utilizing a latex-free anchor pad and retainer that attach to the skin.

Less Invasive & Ease of Application: This OSHA-recommended solution is less invasive (as sutures aren’t involved), reduces irritation, provides a degree of breathability and allows for patient application without medical assistance.

Full Flexibility: Once in place, the stabilization device offers 360 degrees of flexibility, allowing the patient to naturally move without the risk of detachment or additional migration.

To Use

  • Lift the wing-like shape of the retainer.
  • Slide the catheter through and fold the flaps over the tubing.


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