The SenSura Mio Click MAXI Two-Piece Drainable Pouch with EasiClose WIDE Outlet and Filter is designed for a more discreet experience. Created to accommodate specific body shapes and types, each uses elastic adhesive to move with your skin, preventing detachment, and features a grey textile material that is less visible under clothing.
SenSura Mio Click is NOT compatible with SenSura Click or Assura systems. SenSura Click and Assura are compatible.

For patients requiring an ostomy system, the SenSura Mio Click MAXI Two-Piece Drainable Pouch with EasiClose WIDE Outlet and Filter:

Utilizes a full-circle filter with a pre-filter to control gas output, lessen ballooning and prevent clogging. Studies have shown that the full-circle filter reduces ballooning by up to 61%, helping you sleep better at night and have a less-conspicuous pouch during the day.
Increases your sense of security in everyday usage with New Click coupling. Once the pouch is securely attached to the baseplate, you will hear a clear “click” sound.
Allows for easy changing by keeping the barrier separate from the pouch. The barrier remains in place as the patient removes and empties the drainage pouch.
Compatible with a wide range of pre-cut and cut-to-fit hole sizes to accommodate your stoma. You can pair the baseplate with 40, 50, 60 or 70mm diameter coupling systems. MAXI size (11 in., 655mL) is ideal for a larger output.
Moves with you, utilizing elastic adhesive on the baseplate that stretches, bends and flexes with your skin throughout everyday and social activities.
Offers a low-friction fit with textile material that feels soft against the skin and under clothing and won’t stay wet once you step out of the shower.

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