Ideal for colostomies and ileostomies, the New Image Two-Piece Drainable Pouch employs an integrated Lock ‘n Roll microseal closure and AF300 filter. The ostomy system, in turn, offers greater security and convenient emptying, controls gas release to reduce ballooning, and deodorizes the contents for dependable, discreet wear.

Lock ‘n Roll microseal closure: At the bottom of the pouch are plastic interlocking fasteners. This creates a secure seal during wear and allows the user to empty the contents conveniently and easily from the bottom of the pouch.
Integrated AF300 filter: Part of the two-piece ostomy system, this filter slowly releases any gas buildup while, at the same time, eliminating odors.
ComfortWear Pouch Panels: Construction provides an even more comfortable feel during wear.
Compatibility: Can be used with any New Image two-piece barrier with the same flange size.
Transparent design available: The user can easily monitor the contents during wear.

Additional Features
• Beige pouch – panels on both sides
• Odor-barrier pouch filter
• Secure belt tabs
• Constructed without natural latex


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