The area surrounding a patient’s stoma can take a number of shapes. The SenSura Mio Click Cut-to-Fit Barrier, Flat, provides more consistent security across a range of body types while allowing for more discreet wear.

Features of SenSura Mio Click Barriers
The SenSura Mio Click Cut-to-Fit Barrier, Flat, coupled with the Sensura Mio brand pouches, creates this experience through the following attributes:

• Elastic adhesive stretches with the body throughout the day without increasing detachment risks and conforms to a patient’s specific body shape.
• The exterior utilizes textile in a neutral gray tone to blend in under clothing and reduce friction. The material dries quickly, preventing the barrier from feeling wet after you get out of the shower.
• A full-circle filter releases gas to lessen ballooning as much as 61%.
• New Click coupling technology creates a firm, defined connection between the barrier and corresponding pouch, resulting in a greater sense of security. Users will hear a click once both parts are connected correctly.
• Patients can remove the pouch for emptying without having to detach the baseplate.
• A cut-to-fit design lets the patient customize the barrier to their stoma.

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