Part of a new range of ostomy products, the SenSura Mio Convex Flip utilizes a curved, star-like formation and elastic adhesive to align with outward body shapes. The solution accommodates bulges and hernias and provides consistent contact between the barrier and the skin’s surface.

How it Works

Inverted Shape: The SenSura Mio Convex Flip’s inverted shape is designed to stay close to the body without folding over or developing creases.

Easy to Use: As soon as it’s in place, the user simply needs to open the petals over the outward-shaped area. The central stability ring can be positioned over the stoma to provide the ideal amount of support.

Decreases Detaching: The adhesive then moves with the body’s natural motions without detaching.

Reduces Ballooning: Once secured, the SenSura Mio full-circle pre-filter reduces ballooning incidents with your ostomy system by 61%. This aspect makes the barrier ideal for nighttime use and assists with reducing the pouch’s conspicuousness during the day.


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