Trio Pearls super-absorbent gelling and odor control sachets

Trio Pearls super-absorbent gelling and odor control sachets are designed to absorb liquid stool and urine to optimize stoma management. Simply dropped into the ostomy pouch, the sachet will dissolve and turn the liquid into gel beads. Gelling of the liquid may reduce leaks, simplify pouch drainage, and can preserve filter function.

Active Odor Control: Trio Pearls is not just a gelling agent – it has an organic compound which specifically targets odor.

Perfect for:
• Overnight use for a good night’s sleep
• Long journeys or flights – take it on holiday
• Social occasions such as parties, restaurants, theatre/cinema, etc.
• Active pursuits
• Everyday use
• Travel – the Travel pouch supplied makes Trio Pearls portable on trips away

Benefits of Trio Pearls:
• Actively absorbs odor during wear- noticeable reduction in odor during wear.
• Only 1 sachet is necessary per pouch
• Prevent leaks during periods of prolonged wear
• Gel does not stain clothing or toilet
• Eliminate sloshing
• Makes the pouch more discreet and comfortable to wear


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