Capture stoma output during your next change! Get a better overall ostomy experience with StomaGenie® because it allows you to change your pouch without messy drainage damaging your clothes or peristomal skin. StomaGenie® works with both one-piece and two-piece ostomy systems.

A Better Way to Change Your Ostomy Pouch

StomaGenie® Capture Cartridge provides a better way to change your ostomy pouch and baseplate. Instead of leaving your stoma exposed, placing the capture cartridge over your stoma once the used barrier is removed allows you to contain output so you have time to care for and dry your peristomal skin. No more unsanitary leakage that can irritate peristomal skin or ruin clothes! The StomaGenie® is great for ostomy wearer with vision or dexterity issues, as it can help you place your fresh ostomy pouch without touching the stoma.

Please read the additional description below for more information about the StomaGenie® and sizing.


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