KerraMax Care Super Absorbent Dressing utilizes a four-layer system and wicking action to draw in and hold onto wound exudate without creating leaks or drips.

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KerraMax Care Super Absorbent Dressing reduces maceration, lessens irritation to surrounding skin, won’t exacerbate existing wounds and provides a degree of comfort, even when used in conjunction with compression bandages.


Soft Top Layer: KerraMax Care Super Absorbent Dressing begins with a non-woven, soft top layer that allows moisture to evaporate.

Wicking Layer and Absorbent Core: Underneath, a wicking layer helps move exudate to the dressing’s absorbent core layer, where the fluid can then spread out evenly. This helps the material remain dry while aiding the wound healing process.

Fluid-Containing Base: At the base, heat-sealed material helps with containing all exudate.

Free of Adhesive: The dressing won’t irritate or further damage the wound or scrape off unaffected skin.


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