Cutimed® Sorbion Sana is a gentle, three-dimensional dressing designed to decrease contact with the wound bed and absorb a high amount of exudate to create an optimal healing environment. In turn, this hypoallergenic wound dressing provides an alternative solution for decreasing trauma to the wound during changes.

How Cutimed® Sorbion Sana Dressings Work
Creating a more comfortable experience is a three-dimensional structure:

• A 3D polyethylene outer contact layer allows exudate and other fluids to funnel into the dressing’s core. At the same time, the construction prevents the dressing from sticking to the wound bed, allowing new tissue to form.
• A hypoallergenic polypropylene inner sheet prevents exudate from leaking out. Yet there’s enough space, thanks to an ultrasonically sealed design, to let the dressing swell to accommodate a greater-than-average fluid output.
• Gel-forming polymers lock in the exudate and any bacteria, helping reduce infection risks and providing autolytic debridement.
• Hydration response technology helps the dressing hold onto large amounts of exudate while encouraging tissue formation.

As a result of this combination, no wound contact layer is needed, and Cutimed® Sorbion Sana can be used in conjunction with compression technology. Dressings can be worn for up to seven days and allow for pain-free removal.


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