Providing antimicrobial action, AQUACEL® Ag Advantage is designed to be a primary dressing for difficult, infected and acute wounds with varying amounts of exudate.

To create a moist environment while aiding in the healing process, these dressing pair two technologies to address and eliminate biofilms: Hydrofiber™ and MORE THAN SILVER™, which maximize the effects of ionic silver while managing exudate, infection and bioburden, all of which can stall or impede wound healing.

How it Works
First, Hydrofiber Technology helps wound healing:
When an AQUACEL® Ag Advantage dressing comes into contact with a wound, it absorbs wound fluid and creates a soft gel that helps maintain a moist wound environment. This also helps reduce the chances the dressing will stick to the wound, which allows for pain-free changes.

When this occurs, this soft gel holds onto exudate and bacteria and removes them during dressing changes. This prevents fluid from leaking and minimizes the harmful effects of maceration and cross infection.

The gel consistency further provides flexibility. In turn, AQUACEL® Ag Advantage dressings micro-contour to the wound bed, eliminating dead space where bacteria can grow.

Second, MORE THAN SILVER™ technology reduces inflammation and microbes:
Working in conjunction with Hydrofiber™ technology, MORE THAN SILVER™ combines EDTA and BEC with ionic silver, improving its antimicrobial efficacy. This combination provides for:

• Broad-spectrum control of bacteria and microorganisms.
• Prolonged antimicrobial activity.
• Rapid targeting and killing of bacteria present in the wound.
• Faster wound healing.


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