Endoform® ECM technology is unlocking regenerative healing for everybody.

Endoform is an advanced wound care technology that addresses the underlying wound rather than simply managing the symptoms. Endoform is an advanced extracellular matrix technology that provides benefit at each stage of the healing process. Endoform technology is suitable to all phases of healing to stabilize, correct, build and organize tissue in acute and chronic wounds.

Endoform Antimicrobial contains 0.3% ionic silver to protect from antimicrobial contamination. Endoform Antimicrobial is non-toxic to skin cells, provides 7 days of protection and protects against biofilm formation.

The Endoform Antimicrobial – High Flow has been designed for highly exudative wounds and to compliment negative pressure wound therapy (NPWT).

Endoform Antimicrobial – High Flow is available in a range of sizes to suit all wound types:
• 2×2”
• 4×5”

For the Fenestrated version of this product click here.

For the Natural version of this product click here.


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