Hydrofera Blue READY Foam Dressing protects wounds against infection with broad-spectrum antibacterial properties and helps with healing and managing chronic, acute and traumatic wounds.

Find Hydrofera Blue READY-Transfer Antibacterial Foam Dressings.

This ready-to-use, non-cytotoxic dressing assists with managing moisture, creating an ideal healing environment that does not draw out the process and helps control exudate.


Each dressing utilizes two organic pigments, methylene blue and gentian violet, and seals them in open-celled polyurethane foam (PU). The combination prevents the additional application of an antibiotic ointment, requires no additional hydration and uses ethylene oxide to block out bacteria, fungi and mold spores.

Rapid Absorption: After application, the dressing rapidly absorbs any fluids in seconds, including both water and exudate.

Controlled Healing Environment: This action prevents the dressing from creating additional infection or adhering to the wound, which may cause further tissue damage.


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