Designed for Wounds
While traditional foam dressings provide comfort and convenience, KerraFoam Gentle Border goes one step further – with a smart absorbent core to manage exudate far better than leading competitors. Not only does the dressing lock away exudate, bacteria and MMPs, but it was also designed with the ideal Moisture Vapor Transmission Rate (MVTR) to ensure optimal moisture balance.

Designed for Skin Protection
KerraFoam Gentle Border is designed to help protect vulnerable parts of your patient’s body from the outset. It spreads pressure evenly, reduces friction and shear and removes moisture and humidity, from the skin, transforming patient comfort and helping the protect against the formation of pressure ulcers.

Manages Microclimate – large holes in the silicone contact layer, a breathable film layer and highly absorbent core work together to absorb and lock away moisture and reduce humidity – two of the biggest catalysts to skin breakdown.

Reduce Friction & Shear – Forces are both deflected by the anti-friction out layer and transferred into the layers of the dressing and elastic silicone adhesive, reducing the chance of breakdown.

Distributes Pressure – Comfortable and highly conformable, the multiple layers of the dressing help to distribute pressure evenly and reduce the risk of ulcers developing at pressure points.

CWL1135 is an Oval shaped dressing.

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