Creating an ideal wound healing environment, Mepilex® Ag is an antimicrobial foam dressing that feels soft and comfortable against the skin while utilizing Safetac® technology to close the wound’s edges.

Safetac® technology is integral to the Mepilex® Ag dressing. This layer:

• Prevents exudate from migrating to the surrounding skin.
• Helps lessen maceration risks, which can damage the skin and draw out the healing process.
• Allows for clean, gentle dressing changes without damaging or irritating the wound bed and surrounding skin.
• Lessens patient pain and improves comfort.

Once applied, Mepilex® Ag begins to deactivate pathogens on the wound bed within 30 seconds and continues to do so for up to seven days after application. In the process, Mepilex® Ag:

• Reduces both microorganisms and odors.
• Remains in place even after adjustments and when you change the secondary dressing.
• Can be worn under a compression bandage.
• Can be cut down to fit the wound’s size.
• Is less likely to irritate the skin or cause an allergic reaction.


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