UrgoCell Ag/Silver is an antibacterial foam dressing with TLC-Ag, comprised of:

• A polyester mesh impregnated with petroleum jelly, hydrocolloid and silver particles
• A polyurethane absorbent foam pad,
• A non-woven, semi-permeable polyurethane backing.

When in contact with wound exudate, the TLC-Ag of UrgoCell Ag/Silver gels and creates a moist environment, promoting healing. This ensures non-adherence and pain-free dressing changes. When the silver salt is broken down in contact with the wound exudate, UrgoCell Ag/Silver acts as a reservoir capable of continuously releasing a bactericidal concentration of silver ions while in contact with the wound.

• Non-adhesive, non-occlusive antimicrobial absorbent dressing with TRIACT technology
• May help reduce infection in moderately to heavily exuding partial- and full-thickness wounds
• Highly absorbent foam dressing manages exudate and helps protect the skin from maceration
• Soft, semi-permeable backing
• Virtually pain-free dressing removal


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