PermaFoam, is a foam dressing that according to it's manufacturer: Hartmann-USA, is the highest moisture vapor transmission rate (MVTR) among foam dressings.

Foam dressings are designed to provide high absorbency for exuding wounds. They provide a cushion to healing wounds and help to seal off bacteria. This product features an efficient foam later that wicks fluid away for medium to heavy exuding wounds. The adhesive PermaFoam includes a water-proof outer membrane that seals off contamination and helps prevent infection.

This foam dressing conforms to difficult-to-dress areas including elbows, ankles, sacral and tracheostomy sites. It utilizes a vapor transmission process that absorbs wound exudate and helps prevent skin maceration. Skin maceration is the condition of the skin being exposed to prolonged moisture causing it to break down and crack.

This product is soft and comfortable and adheres securely to the wound bed. This makes it perfect for treating pressure ulcers, leg ulcers, foot ulcers and other chronic high exuding wounds. This product works great underneath compression bandages and other secondary dressings. Use this high absorbent foam dressing to provide protection and unsurpassed fluid handling.

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