Mepilex Border Flex with proprietary Flex Technology is a 5 layer bordered foam wound dressing that has unique conformability and stays on better for longer wear time. It also features superior exudate management for fewer dressing changes. Longer wear time and fewer dressing changes minimize the possibility of wound disturbance, which can reduce dressing cost and waste.

Proprietary Flex technology enables 360° stretch, thanks to patent-pending Y-cuts in the spreading and retention layers. Mepilex Border Flex manages both normal and viscous exudate and was shown to outperform other bordered dressings by as much as 108% in fluid handling tests.

Mepilex Border Flex is designed to manage a wide range of exuding chronic and acute wounds, such as diabetic foot ulcers, venous leg ulcers, skin tears and traumatic wounds. It also features unique bacteria trapping capability to absorb, channel and trap exudate containing bacteria from the wound bed to prevent re-entry, even under compression.

• Proprietary Flex Technology with unique conformability, for longer wear time
• Superior exudate management for fewer dressing changes
• All in one dressing for chronic and acute wounds, for optimized clinical efficiency
• Safetac wound contact layer to minimize patient pain and trauma to the wound and surrounding skin at removal while reducing risk of maceration
• Unique bacteria trapping capability
• Up to 7 day wear time


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