Hydrofera Blue, trusted for a complete line of wound care products in humans, is now available for animals. VetBlue PVA is a polyvinyl alcohol foam wound dressing impregnated with methylene blue and gentian violet.

• Broad-spectrum antibacterial protection
• Bioburden indicator- (Blue foam turns white when bacteria is killed)
• Natural negative pressure
• Safe, natural autolytic debridement
• Non-cytotoxic
• Aids in suppression of exuberant hypergranulation tissue/proud flesh
• High tensile strength, good for packing wounds
• Continuous wicking, highly absorptive
• Cost effective

Types of Wounds for PVA Foam:
• Deep or tunneling wounds
• Wounds with or without devitalized tissue/ slough & debris
• Moderate to heavy exudate
• Infected or at risk of infection


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