KerraLite Cool™ is a dressing using a transparent hydrogel that creates an ideal healing environment for dry or low-exudate wounds and helps debride tissue. As its key ingredient, hydrogel helps maintain the right amount of moisture, absorbing water while providing a degree of permeability.

How it Works
KerraLite Cool™ offers a cool, soothing sensation created through a combination of fluid-repellent, flexible and breathable polyurethane film and pro-ionic gel contact layer. This biomimetic copolymer system:

Won’t adhere to the wound bed, reducing maceration risks.
Improves how the dressing interacts with wound fluid, absorbing excess through an ionic polymer matrix and controlling bacterial growth.
Can be used for multiple wound types, including chronic wounds.
Works to cleanse the wound before sloughing off necrotic tissue and improving granulation tissue formation.
Stays in place with an adhesive border.
Won’t dry out during use and prevents wound dehydration.
Lessens discomfort during dressing changes through a cooling sensation.


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