Elasto-Gel is a unique patented bacteriostatic highly absorbent wound dressing that provides fast and comfortable dressing changes (due to its mildly adhesive properties). Elasto-Gel will not dry out or stick to the wound.
Bacteriostatic: Elasto-Gel has been shown to be bacteriostatic and to reduce the level of bacteria compared to other wound dressings.

Highly Absorbent: Independent laboratory studies have shown that Elasto-Gel absorbs 3.5 times more exudate at 24 hours than commonly recognized high absorbent dressings. Elasto-Gel may be used in place of hydrocolloids, hydrogels and membrane dressings. Elasto-Gel will not replace alginates when quick absorption is indicated. Elasto-Gel absorbs exudate, protects the wound, promotes a moist wound environment, will not macerate healthy skin, and never dries out.


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