DuoDERM Signal Dressing is a primary dressing for low-to-moderately exuding wounds. It can also be used as a secondary dressing to secure an AQUACEL or AQUACEL Ag Dressing.

DuoDERM Signal Dressing can be used to manage stage I and stage II pressure ulcers.

Optimized Dressing Use
• Dressings have a visual indicator which indicates when a dressing needs changing, reducing premature dressing changes.
• A thin, smooth, low-friction backing is designed to reduce shearing that can prematurely dislodge the dressing.

• A thin polyurethane film provides a bacterialand viral barrier when the dressing remains intact and without leakage.
• The film provides a waterproof barrier over the dressing.
• It is easy to apply and can be removed without damaging newly formed tissue.
• It helps to reduce bunching and the effect of shear through tapered edges and a smooth surface.
• It helps to prevent damage to the wound bed on removal through a unique gelling action, ensuring maximum comfort.


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