Nu-Derm Hydrocolloid Wound Dressing, by Systagenix, is a sterile dressing that utilizes a gel matrix (hydrocolloid) to maintain a moist environment when placed on a wound. The moist environment aids the body’s healing time and helps bring dead tissue to the surface (debridement). Nu-Derm dressings prevent maceration while maintaining constant moisture. This wound dressing is designed to be ultra-comfortable and cooling and will conform to the body’s contours. A soft gel is formed after contact with the wound fluid and makes it easy and safe by protecting sensitive tissue when pulled off of the wound. The dressing comes in a variety of shapes and sizes to match the wound area dimension.

This hydrocolloid dressing is best to be applied to a low-risk wound to protect against bacterial contamination. It is primarily for semi-dry, lightly exuding wounds, post-operative wounds, and superficial wounds and abrasions.

Nu-Derm Hydrocolloid Wound Dressing Features and Benefits:

•  The dressing lays directly on the wound.
•  The hydrocolloid gel maintains a moist, healing environment.
•  The gel makes it comfortable to apply and safe to pull off the wound.
•  It will form to the body’s contours and stay on the skin without adhesive.
•  Because it is a hydrocolloid, it is waterproof and safe when bathing.


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