SorbaView SHIELD offers the safety of a SorbaView dressing with the added benefit of the most secure integrated catheter stabilization device on the market: Centurion SHIELD Technology. The dressing offers a breathable barrier against bacteria, viruses and other contaminants while the built-in securement withstands multi-directional tugging forces to hold the catheter securely in place.

SorbaView Dressings set the standard of excellence in catheter site management. They go on easier and wear longer than other dressings – SorbaView wicks away excess moisture and “breathes” like skin, while protecting patients by keeping out bacteria.

SHIELD Technology guards the catheter from aggressive movements and eliminates the need for a secondary securement device. With the addition of SHIELD Technology, dressings stay on and catheters stay put. By keeping the catheter in place, the risk of complications such as dislodgement are dramatically reduced.

Combined together, SorbaView SHIELD offers all the features and benefits that have made SorbaView the leader in catheter dressings, with the added strength and stabilization of our patented Shield Technology. Marrying these defensive features together results in an unsurpassed level of catheter stabilization and securement.


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