CoFlex® TLC Zinc provides a two-part system combining the structure of an Unna Boot with compression therapy while adding the calming effects of zinc.
Providing guidance are visual indicators during application. CoFlex® TLC Zinc Lite offers 25 to 30 mmHg (for patients with an ABI > 0.5) of compression.

How it Works
CoFlex® TLC Zinc utilizes a two-part design:

• Foam impregnated with zinc has a soft feel while soothing wounds or irritated skin underneath.
• A non-latex short-stretch compression bandage adheres to itself without the need for tape. HandTear® technology helps you cut the ideal shape without needing to use scissors.

Together, these aspects:

• Bond together to prevent CoFlex® TLC Zinc from slipping or detaching during wear.
• Allow for straightforward application: Oval indicators change to circles once the ideal amount of compression is being delivered.
• Absorb up to 20 times the bandage’s own weight compared to a standard Unna boot.
• Deliver 50% more active ingredients than an Unna boot alone.
• Provide comfortable and breathable wear by cooling and soothing the skin to lessen an itchy sensation.
• Conform to the patient’s body shape without providing an unnecessary degree of pressure.
• Have a high vapor transfer rate, allowing the patient to wear CoFlex® TLC Zinc longer than a traditional Unna boot.

Includes a nylon stocking for additional support.


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