3M Micropore S Surgical Tape is a silicone based adhesive multi-purpose tape that provides reliable securement without causing damage to skin. 3M Micropore S Surgical Tape offers reliable adhesion and removes cleanly without disrupting fragile skin layers or causing patients undue pain.

Single-patient use rolls provide a shorter alternative to the standard Micropore Surgical S, and help reduce cross-contamination risk.

Reliable adhesion: Offers short-term and long-term (48 hour) reliable and pliable fixation
Skin performance: Delivers the securement power you need while minimizing damage to skin.
Comfort: Removes cleanly, without disrupting fragile skin layers or causing patients undue pain
Ease of Use: Can be repositioned and neatly torn by hand
Helps reduce risk: Individually packaged singleuse length rolls can help reduce cross-contamination risk by 99% compared to unpackaged tape.

Clinical application: General securement
• Blood draws
• Light-weight dressings
• IV lines and tubing (secondary securement)
• Non-critical tubes

3M Micropore S Surgical Tape is ideal for all patients, including those with sensitive skin.
Reliable adhesion for general applications
Comparable to other 3M multi-purpose class tapes, Micropore S Tape provides reliable initial and long-term (48 hours) adhesion to skin, gauze and medical-grade tubing.

Tape material: Paper/plastic hybrid backingwith silicone adhesive

Monks’ Note: Micropore surgical tape was previously branded as Kind Removal Silicone Tape.
Monks’ Note: This is the “Single Use” tape roll, which is shorter than the standard version. For the standard, 5.5 yd Micropore S Surgical tape roll, click here.


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