Pro's Choice Adhesive – Athletic stretch tapes with superior tensile strength, support and flexibility. Pro's Choice Adhesive and Pro's Choice Cohesive are the first choice for athletic trainers, physicians and therapists who need durable, hand-tear stretch tapes for multi-purpose applications. Designed with superior tensile strength and support, Pro's Choice tapes conform to all body contours and stay securely in place even during the most rigorous activity. The tapes’ lightweight fabric blend provides cool and comfortable wear as well as a low profile for a smoother and more professional appearance. Providing firm support and controlled stretch for a range of taping and strapping applications, Pro's Choice tapes tear easily and leave a clean, crisp edge. Easy unwind allows for consistent taping all the way to the core. Pro’s Choice Cohesive also performs wet or dry and remains secure in all conditions without slippage due to its cohesive properties. It maintains a dry feel and does not adhere to skin or hair. Pro’s Choice Cohesive requires no pins, clips or adhesive tapes and leaves no sticky residue. Pro’s Choice Cohesive comes in a compact case with plastic divider trays to keep rolls in perfect shape.


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