Rosidal K Short Stretch Bandage is a washable and reusable 100 % cotton short stretch bandage used for strong compression in the management of acute and chronic lymphedema, edema, and venous insufficiency. Numerous studies validate the bandages effectiveness.

Field of Application
• Strong compression bandaging (lymphology and phlebology)
• Support and stress relief in acute care and sports medicine

• 100% cotton
• Reusable; washable up to 50 times
• Provides high working pressure and low resting pressure well tolerated even at night
• Well tolerated, even at night
• Bandage can be worn at rest and during exercise
• Distinct textile structure helps prevent bandage layers from slipping
• Very skin-friendly
• Air permeable
• Simplify application of thigh/large leg by using the double (10 m) length bandage
• Extensibility is approximately 90%
• Washing temperature up to 95oC/203oF


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