Featuring an innovative straight tip and integrated collection bag, the VaPro Plus touch-free hydrophilic intermittent catheter is designed to reduce the risk of exposure to bacteria and pathogens during the insertion process. This sterilized system limits the need for hands and fingers to touch multiple parts of the catheter.

How it Works

The VaPro Plus is a ready-to-use system geared toward home and healthcare usage:

Reduces bacteria exposure

Packaging is easy to open with finger holes and tear strips, so that each protection point is removed individually. This means that the bacteria you come in contact with throughout the day doesn’t end up on the catheter.

Unique tip

A protective tip helps bypass the bacteria potentially located within the first 15mm of the distal urethra during insertion. A ring cap helps the tip stay clean until use.

Protective sleeve

The user can grip the catheter at any point without having to worry about bacteria exposure.

Easy to lubricate

A hydrophilic design with pure catheter hydration technology can be effectively and evenly lubricated for straightforward and complete entry and decreased leakage.

Integrated 1000 mL collection bag

Once your bladder is empty, all you have to do is empty the collection bag into the toilet and dispose of the bag. The catheter is located on the outside of the collection bag, and no receptable is required.

Ease of insertion

Smooth eyelets streamline the process, while an anti-reflux valve lessens potential urine backflow.

Delivers full-length support

Accommodating a range of needs, the system is available in eight- and 16-inch lengths.

Made with PVC

Free of phthalates and latex, the VaPro Plus catheter is ideal for individuals with latex sensitives.


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