prescriptionOnli is a hydrophilic intermittent catheter designed for ease and efficiency of use. Made for everyday wear, this 16-inch self-catheterization solution assists patients with mess-less, easy-to-open packaging and flexible yet still rigid construction that can be inserted without assistance.

Onli intermittent catheters require a prescription. The product should only be inserted at home after you’ve received instruction from a medical professional.

Benefits of the Onli Hydrophilic Intermittent Catheter
Simplifying everyday use, Onli intermittent catheters:

• Improve control during insertion, thanks to ergonomic grips along the exterior.
• Lessen potential infections, as the patient doesn’t directly touch the catheter.
• Feature a flexible, tubular design the patient inserts through the urethra.
• Can be used by male, female and pediatric patients to assist with draining the bladder.
• Are pre-hydrated with a solution designed to reduce spills and prevent stains.
• Can be smoothly inserted and removed, thanks to the hydrophilic coating and eyelet design.
• Use a color-coded funnel.
• Come in easy-to-open foil packaging.
• Are free of phthalates and natural rubber latex.


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