Aloe Vesta® Perineal Skin Cleanser is a spray-based formula for cleaning patients living with incontinence.

The Aloe Vesta® spray blends a surfactant system and emollients to cleanse and moisturize the skin. At the same time, this one-step, quick-dispensing product is more convenient than soap, accommodates individuals who cannot bathe in a tub or shower and deodorizes with a lemon fragrance.

How it Works

No-Rinse Formula: Aloe Vesta® Perineal Skin Cleanser uses a no-rinse spray formula. After application, it can simply be wiped off without the use of water. This approach reduces rubbing, which can irritate and damage delicate skin.

Efficient Cleansing: Aloe Vesta® Perineal Skin Cleanser is designed to dissolve and remove soils and get rid of odors. To do this, a pH-balanced, CHG-compatible formula accommodates a range of skin types. Not only does it suit everyday use, but its non-drying solution formulated with natural botanicals helps protect fragile skin. In fact, based on a clinical study, the usage of Coloplast’s Solutions® Algorithms protocols of care, which include Aloe Vesta® skin care products, can reduce pressure ulcers by 87%.

For All Ages and Skin Types: Patients of all ages can use this soothing, aloe vera-based spray to fully cleanse, moisturize and deodorize the perineal area. Designed as a preventative skin care solution, this cleanser is gentle enough for sensitive and easily irritated skin.

Monks Note: This is the Aloe Vesta spray, for the Aloe Vesta foam, please go here.


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