Sween 24 is a moisturizing cream formulated with dimethicone to soothe dry, chapped or chafed skin and lips for up to 24 hours. As both a moisturizer and skin protectant, Sween 24 is free of lanolin and irritating fragrances and is designed to be applied once per day for effective hydration and temporary relief.

Benefits of Sween 24 Once a Day Cream

Once applied, this cream assists with managing dry, itchy or flaky skin for up to 24 hours. Containing 6% dimethicone, Sween 24:
• Eliminates the need to continue applying moisturizer to the dry, irritated area.
• Can be used on the skin and lips.
• Is CHG compatible and can be used under latex and nitrile gloves.
• Is quickly absorbed into the skin.
• Has a non-irritating, non-sensitizing, alcohol- and fragrance-free formula.
• Is sufficient for use on neonates.


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