Baza® Protect is a moisture barrier cream formulated with zinc oxide and dimethicone for soothing inflammation related to incontinence and diaper rash. Once applied, Baza® Protect provides a two-fold purpose: to block out wetness, which can result in skin erosion, and help treat diaper rash and other minor skin irritations.

Benefits of Baza® Protect Cream
This moisture barrier cream is designed for infants and adults with light to moderate incontinence. The soothing, all-purpose formula:

• Provides effective relief from diaper rash and dermatitis.
• Is made with skin conditioners that help reduce irritation.
• Is CHG compatible.
• Can be used on intact to slightly excoriated skin.
• Helps both prevent and treat existing diaper rash.
• Can be used with newborns to geriatrics to create an effective barrier against wetness.


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