This patented Zinc spray for skin allows for easy application to alleviate the discomfort of diaper rash and other skin irritations without rubbing. Touchless Care Zinc Oxide spray soothes and protects weepy and denuded skin with a clear, breathable, waterproof coating of 25% Zinc Oxide and 20% Dimethicone that eliminates the mess and pain associated with traditional rubbed-in ointments. Available in two- and 4.5-fluid-ounce bottles.

How to Use Touchless Care Skin Protectant Spray:

  • Shake well for five seconds before use.
  • Clean affected area and pat dry.
  • Prime sprayer into a cloth or trash can to ensure even stream.
  • Holding bottle four to six inches from skin, squeeze trigger with force two or three times.
  • Apply a thin coat so that liquid does not drip down the skin.
  • Product becomes translucent as it dries to allow visual inspection of wound without removing product.

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