TOUCHLESS CARE™ Spray products are designed with advanced concentrated formulas that optimize the therapeutic effect, and help maintain moisture balance. These formulations allow for the convenience of a spray application that eliminates the
need to rub irritated, denuded skin.

Advanced Concentrated Formulas
Microfine Zinc Oxide
• Has a greater surface area to increase therapeutic activity.
• Smaller particles fit into skin crevices
• Creates a translucent coating that enables skin inspection without product removal

Silicone Mixture
• Creates a breathable, waterproof coating on the skin
• Helps bond Microfine Zinc Oxide to the skin
• Lubricates the skin to help reduce friction against bed sheets

Silicones, including Dimethicone, create a barrier that keeps moisture out, while preventing excess moisture from weepy skin from building up and further damaging the skin.

Easy Application & Removal Helps Increase Compliance
• No-rub application reduces irritation and painful skin contact for patients
• Removes easily with one wipe
• Helps preserve patient and caregiver dignity

Significant Value to Clinicians and Facilities
• Thin layer allows for less product use per application*,6
• Fast application and removal saves nursing time and hassle*,4,6
• Reduced waste on application*

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Product Numbers: 62402, 62404


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