3M™ Cavilon™ No Sting Barrier Film is an easily applied, alcohol-free solution that protects vulnerable peristomal skin from corrosive body fluids, adhesion and uncomfortable friction. Available in wipe form, this gentle terpolymer-based product goes on without irritation to create a breathable, waterproof, fully transparent and longer-lasting film.


With its results supported by over 70 clinical studies, Cavilon Barrier Wipes:

  • Dry quickly without leaving a sticky film.
  • Accommodate a range of body shapes, including areas with creases and folds, and last through movement and position changes.
  • Are gentle on both damaged and healthy skin, thanks to a non-cytotoxic and hypoallergenic formula that protects against incontinence-associated dermatitis.
  • Address a range of skin problems, including periwound and peristomal skin damage, incontinence-associated dermatitis, medical adhesive-related skin injury (MARSI) and other moisture- and friction-related issues, including for ostomy system usage.
  • Efficiently help maintain skin health, as a patient or as a caregiver assisting someone with one of the above conditions.
  • Can be used around IV sites, under dressings and tapes, and with negative pressure wound therapy (NPWT).


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