Patients using an ostomy system can experience leakage around the stoma, leading to red, irritated skin. A layer of adhesive may also be needed to keep the barrier plate in place. Providing assistance in these scenarios, Brava® Skin Barrier Wipes create a light and breathable protective film on the skin.

How it Works
Brava® Skin Barrier Wipes come in easy-to-carry, single-use packages that are ideal for use on the go or in travel. Each wipe includes an alcohol-free silicone-based formula that:

• Dries within seconds to leave a thin film on the skin.
• Provides a layer of protection against leakage from the stoma and any applied adhesives.
• Helps with reducing irritation related to exposure to bodily fluids against the skin.
• Won’t create a residue, allowing patients to conveniently apply a new barrier.


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