Bedside-Care® EasiCleanse™ Bath is a pack of no-rinse disposable washcloth. This self-sudsing solution is ideal for patients who can’t use a bathtub or shower and assists with bathing, shampooing and incontinence care.

How it Works

Bedside-Care® EasiCleanse™ Bath washcloths simplify the bathing process with a pH-balanced solution designed to limit irritation, making it ideal for patients with sensitive skin. In addition to being CHG compatible, the solution on each washcloth is free of alcohol, artificial dyes, preservatives and latex.

• Wipes do not need to be rinsed or pre-moistened to create a lather.
• Non-sensitizing solution won’t irritate delicate skin.
• Can be used with neonate patients.
• Each wipe covers an area of 7.9 x 7.9 in.
• Available in scented and unscented options.


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