Dynarex Sterile Alcohol Prep Pads offer a single-use, antiseptic solution for cleaning the skin before an injection. Each pad uses high-quality materials and is soaked with a 70% alcohol solution.

Dynarex Sterile Alcohol Prep Pads are a versatile option for antiseptic usage and skin preparation at home and in a medical setting.

Sterile: Each pad is gamma sterilized. This process kills or deactivates bacteria and other microorganisms that could contaminate the material and lead to infection. Individual packaging ensures a sterile environment for use.
Absorbent: Each latex-free pad is made with soft, non-woven absorbent material that holds a large amount of fluid for its weight. Each pad is then saturated with a non-irritating formula of 70% isopropyl alcohol.
Durable construction: Materials withstand cleansing the skin and scrubbing, including for debriding wounds and preparation for venipuncture or an injection.
Ease of application: Simply tear open the packet and apply the pad to quickly cleanse or prepare the skin and reduce infection risks.
Multiple sizes: Medium and large-size pads accommodate home, first aid and medical uses.

Approximate Sizes:
1113: 1.18″(folded)/2.36″(unfolded) by 1.1 (wide)
1114: 1.18″(folded)/2.36″(unfolded) by 1.1 (wide)
1116: 1.77″(folded)/3.54″(unfolded) by 1.18 (wide)


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