Nurse Assist USP Normal Sterile Saline For Irrigation is ideal for wound irrigation, feeding tube flush, foley catheter inflation and device irrigation. It is meant to remove cellular debris and surface pathogens contained in wound exudates or residue.

Why choose USP Sterile Saline For Irrigation?
• Sterile
• Ready to use
• Purified using an advanced 6 stage water purification

USP Saline Features
Purified with an advanced multi-stage process using Reverse Osmosis, this wound cleanser has six stage water purification process.

• Reverse Osmosis
• Deionization
• Ion Exchange
• Multi-Wavelength Ultraviolet Bacterial Elimination
• Micro Filtration
• Post Gamma Radiation Sterilization

Sterile and ready to use
Multiple package options for customer convenience

Monks’ Note: This is a non-returnable item.


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