MoliCare® Premium Mobile disposable protective underwear with ACTIVE SKIN PROTECTION is designed for active adults living with moderate to heavy urinary incontinence. Utilizing innovative Curly Fiber Technology and a three-part highly absorbent core, it helps the skin resist damage by maintaining a skin-neutral pH, and by keeping it dry through superior absorbency A cuff system prevents leakages, the high concentration of superabsorbent polymer neutralizes odors, and the product adapts to the shape and the movements of the body.

How it Works
MoliCare® Premium Mobile disposable protective underwear:

Locks urine into a three-layer absorbent core. The materials rapidly absorb urine and move it toward the center to keep the wearer dry, prevent leakage and manage odors.
Features advanced Curly Fiber Technology, which helps the skin maintain a pH of 5.5. Without a pH buffer, aging Urine can become alkaline, and when the skin is exposed for extended periods of time, it can cause irritation and damage, including the development of IAD. A pH of 5.5 allows the skin to maintain its natural protective barrier against harmful pathogens.
Reduces the risk of allergic reactions by using hypoallergenic, dermatologically tested materials.
Adapts to the wearer’s shape and movements with an elasticized chassis. The backsheet is leakproof with a discrete non-woven, cloth-like outer layer.

MoliCare® Disposable Protective Underwear helps manage moderate to heavy incontinence with ACTIVE SKIN PROTECTION. Click here to learn more about how ACTIVE SKIN PROTECTION helps prevent Incontinence Associated Dermatitis (IAD)


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