PUSH Collagen Dipeptide Concentrate contains a patented blend of powdered collagen dipeptides that helps reduce heal time. Highly concentrated Proline-Hydroxyproline (PO) and Hydroxyproline-Glycine (OG) team up to form a dipeptide formula that is not easily degraded. Studies show that PO and OG reach the cellular level in the skin, bones and joints.

These dipeptides send out signals to cells to energize the collagen peptide production by fibrocytes and chrondrocytes and promotes the growth of hyaluronic acid. This creates resilient tissue, stimulates cell division and aids in wound healing.

• Promotes wound healing
• Increases skin moisture
• Increases skin elasticity
• Improves skin texture
• Found in human plasma for up to 4 hours

• Easy to use packets
• Mixes easily with 2-3 oz of water
• Great tasting pineapple & mixed berry flavors
• Patented blend of highly concentrated dipeptides
• Will not plug enteral feeding tubes
• Sugar and gluten free


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