Free of latex and powder, Dynarex Safe-Touch® Vinyl Exam Gloves protect the user’s hands from contaminants in a hospital or at-home environment. At the same time, three-mil. thickness provides a comfortable fit that doesn’t compromise the user’s dexterity and allows for a degree of tactile sensitivity.


  • Flexible: Vinyl resin gives these ambidextrous gloves a degree of elasticity to prevent fatigue during use.
  • Tear Resistant: A polymer lining and beaded cuff increase the glove’s durability and improve tear resistance.
  • Easy to Put On: All the user has to do is slip a powder-free glove on their hand, and it fits securely around the wrist.
  • Tactile Sensitivity: At the tip of each finger, the material is two-mil. thick. This ensures the user’s sensation and dexterity are not compromised.
  • Choice of Sizes: To accommodate the varied staff in a medical or long-term care facility, Dynarex Safe-Touch® Vinyl Exam Gloves come in small, medium, large and XL sizes.


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