Covidien’s Tracheolife II Heat and Moisture Exchanger is able to provide a high amount of humidity within the trach tube, helping you by keeping the area from drying out. A collection chamber gathers mucus deposit without interfering with the functionality of the HME. In addition to preventing obstruction, the port is small enough to be taken anywhere at anytime and can be used for up to 24 hours before needing to be switched out. Replacements are done with relative ease and there’s no assembly required. This HME comes complete with an oxygen port that maximizes heat and humidity as it’s being worn, assuring you will not get any dryness in the trach tube or the throat area. As a bonus the HME has an oxygen connection port if needed. This Tracheolife has a standard fitting of 15 mm, is DEHP and Latex free.

Features and Benefits
-Works for Mechanically Ventilated Patients or Lyrengectomies
-Provides Moisture to Prevent Dryness in the Applied Area
-Oxygen Port Maximizes Heat and Humidity Exchange
-Offers High Amount of Humidity within the Tube
-Collection Chamber Gathers Mucus Deposit
-Small Enough to Take Anywhere, Anytime
-Can be Worn up to 24 Continuous Hours
-No Assembly Required and Replaces with Ease


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