This item is the HME used in the ProTrach DualCare line. Visit the Brand page for more information.

ProTrach DualCare™ combines a speaking valve with an HME, and in this way enabling speaking and supporting your lungs with important heating and moisturizing. The switch between the speaking mode and HME mode is done extremely quickly and easily – just a simple twist of the lid of the speaking valve!

HME mode
ProTrach DualCare is put into HME mode by twisting the lid of the speaking valve until it clicks into position. In the HME mode, you breathe both in and out through the HME, saving heat and moisture when breathing out, and giving heat and moisture back when inhaling. When ProTrach DualCare is in HME mode, speaking is not possible. In the HME mode, the breathing resistance is lower, compared to the speaking mode.


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