The MR850 offers easy-to-use humidified gas at body temperature for adults and infants. It can be used for a full range of respiratory therapy applications in hospital and home settings, including invasive and noninvasive ventilation, for optimal outcomes.

Features of the Fisher & Paykel Heated Humidifier MR850:

  • One button selects optimal temperature and humidity levels for adult, pediatric and neonatal patients.
  • Easy set up with simple controls and an easy-to-read display mean caregivers do not need to continually monitor the unit.
  • Clinically based alarm system offers peace of mind.
  • Advanced algorithms and the ability to sense flow optimize humidification delivery while minimizing nuisance alarms.
  • Automatic standby during periods of gas flow interruption or water outage conserve energy.
  • Appropriate for adult and pediatric patients requiring intubation, adult oxygen therapy, infant resuscitation and infant noninvasive respiratory support.
  • Includes ISO standard connectors that are compatible with contemporary ventilators.
  • Some applications may require additional Fisher & Paykel equipment, like masks and breathing circuit kits.

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