This is a replacement disposable white filter to be used in Respironics REMstar Legacy (pre-2007) machines. This filter is NOT meant to be used with M-Series REMstar or System One REMstar machines.

Compatible machines include:
REMstar Lite CPAP
REMstar BiPAP AutoSV Advanced
REMstar BiPAP Auto with Bi-Flex
REMstar BiPAP ST Gray Model with Smart Card
REMstar BiPAP AutoSV
REMstar BiPAP Pro 2 with Bi-Flex
REMstar Auto CPAP
REMstar Auto C-Flex CPAP Machine
REMstar Plus CPAP Machine
REMstar Plus C-Flex CPAP
REMstar Pro 2 C-Flex CPAP Machine
REMstar BiPAP Plus

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