The Bivona uncuffed neonatal and pediatric tube is designed to provide maximum patient comfort through its soft and flexible silicone construction. The silicone tube material is hydrophobic and hypoallergenic, allowing for a tube that is tissue-friendly and easy to clean. Ideal for the pediatric and neonatal patients where voice is desired and airway leakage is not a problem.

The silicone material of the tube remains soft and flexible in the trachea, allowing greater range of mobility than tubes of more rigid material. The wire-reinforced shaft is intended to minimize the risk of the tube kinking.  A V or Straight contoured neck flange option for improved fit and comfort. Bivona neonatal and pediatric tubes are reprocessible up to five times.

Packaged individually sterile. Products include obturator, twill trach tie, and a 15 mm disconnect wedge.

Length ID OD
32mm 3mm 4.7mm
34mm 3.5mm 5.3mm
36mm 4mm 6mm


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