Help your patients manage recurrent pleural effusions and malignant ascites at home.
The PleurX catheter system is the easy-to-use and effective choice for managing recurrent pleural effusions and malignant ascites at home. The system includes an indwelling catheter and vacuum bottles that provide quick, effective drainage„without draining unnecessary time, costs and energy.

The PleurX catheter system includes a comprehensive portfolio of products that support:
• Catheter placement and maintenance
• Patient education and training
• Safe and effective drainage

Refer to the attached documentation for more information about each item.
Items 507700 (PleurX pleural catheter and starter kit with four bottles) and 507000B (PleurX pleural catheter kit) require a prescription to order if placed by an individual.  Prescriptions are not required by businesses or medical facilities.

Pictured: Item #507265
For more information about PleurX Products or instructions for use, please refer to our Product Resources tab further down the page.

Monks’ Note: Please double check that the item number provided on our site, matches the item that you need.
Item # 50-7500B (500mL Bottle and Procedure Pack) and Item # 50-7510 (1000mL Bottle and Procedure Pack) are the two most frequently purchased products.


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