A Note About Holiday Shipping

Hello Monks friends and shoppers! Another holiday season is upon us, and, as much as we love the food and the presents and the family togetherness, we all know the end of each year brings with it plenty of stress. The long lines, the endless jostling through crowded malls, the hours spent finding the perfect gift – these are the things Decembers are made of. If you’re like most of us, you’ve got enough going on right now without worrying about the arrival of your needed medical supplies. That’s why we’ve put together this little guide to holiday shipping with Medical Monks. Below are several points to keep in mind when ordering from now through New Year’s Day.

Expedited Shipping is Suspended

Due to an increase in online gift buying over the years, package carriers like UPS, USPS and FedEx tend to get a bit overwhelmed during December. More and more, it’s become another one of those facts of holiday life. This year, it’s become apparent to us that we can no longer guarantee a three business day shipping window for our expedited packages, especially to most distant areas on the west coast (we ship from Pennsylvania). We are being transparent about this because Medical Monks aims to provide honest delivery windows to our customers. As such, we cannot reliably offer our Expedited Shipping from now until January 1st.

That said, all orders placed with Standard Shipping ($12.95, 2-5 business days) will be shipped as if they were Expedited. This means that a great many of our valued shoppers MAY still receive their packages quite quickly at a discounted rate. Again, though, this is not something we can guarantee.

Shipping is Modified During the Week of Christmas

Like most of you, we here at Medical Monks enjoy spending the holiday relaxing with family and friends. So do the folks at FedEx and the Postal Service. As such, our shipping times during the week of Christmas will be modified as such:

• Orders placed before 11am Dec 24 with Standard Shipping will ship on the 24th. Economy Shipping orders will be shipped on the 26th, with “Standard Shipping” delivery times.

• Orders placed between 11am Dec 24 and 4pm Dec 26 with Standard Shipping will ship on the 26th. Economy Shipping orders will be shipped on the 27th, with “Standard Shipping” delivery times.

You Can Leave Special Delivery Instructions

Do you have any special delivery needs? Perhaps your house is on a large property with a long drive, or you simply need your package delivered around back to avoid porch pirates. Whatever your specific situation, we’re listening. Simply jot down any specific instructions in the “Order Notes” section during checkout. It’s the big square at the bottom of the page where you fill in your shipping information.

At Medical Monks there are human beings reviewing the contents of every order. When we see something written in the Order Notes we promise to heed those instructions and pass them on to the carrier.

Tracking Packages is Easy

As long as you provide us with a valid email address at checkout, you will be sent at least two emails with every order. First, you’ll be sent a receipt/confirmation immediately after placing the order. Later, when your package ships, you’ll be sent an email informing you of your shipment. It will contain the mode of shipping (FedEx, USPS, etc…), the items in the order, the address the package is being shipped to, and a tracking number with a link. Follow the “Track My Order” link to check on the status of your package at any time between shipment and delivery.

If you do not receive these emails, first check your spam folder. Many times our messages, despite their obvious import, appear to many email clients to be junk mail. More often than not, this is the issue.

If you still do not see the tracking, it’s possible your email address was entered incorrectly. We can fix that. If you suspect this is the case you can contact us, via phone, text or LiveChat on weekdays from 9am to 8pm eastern. If all else fails, we can help you track any package from our end. Don’t forget, we’re here to help.

To You and Yours…

…we here at Medical Monks wish you the very happiest of Holiday Seasons, and a happy and healthy New Year.

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